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PKC Reserved Pit Space

PKC Reserved Pit Space


Reservation Instructions

  • Team Managers can purchase multiple spots for their team below. See the map first for space dimensions. Those that need an irregular sized pit space or special requests, should call (951) 491-0808 or send an email to info@superkartsusa.com.
  • Check the Current Pit Space Map for available spaces. The map will be updated periodically, but may not reflect all reserved spots to date.
  • Select the space(s) you prefer based on the pit space map, and we will do our best to accommodate you.
    • Please request the smallest space possible, knowing that fitting everyone in is always a challenge.
    • Enter 1st choice and 2 alternate choices using the pit spot numbers shown on the pit map.
    • You will be given the nearest available spot(s) if none of your choices are available.

Pit Space Rules

  • Space reservations are on a first paid, first served basis – and will start with the event and class sponsors.
  • All equipment must fit within your requested pit space. This includes: trailers (including tongue length and doors open); tents, karts, generators, etc.
  • All vehicles (tow and otherwise) must be stored/parked in the participant parking area. NOT in your pit spot.
  • PLAN YOUR SPACE CAREFULLY — You are able to reserve a specific location(s) based on current availability. If your space requirements subsequently change, you will be moved to the first available area that meets the new specification - which may not be anywhere near the original location. Pit space reservation priority is based on the receipt date of the location request AND payment (no payment, no reservation).


Price: $35.00

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